What are the best movie remakes and why remake movies?

There are many reasons why people will go to a movie theater. Some just go for a good story or an escape but every once in awhile a movie comes out that is an instant classic. Then they sometimes get ruined by a sequel or even a remake. But that isn’t the case for all remakes.
After all so many are good and some even are just as good or even better than the original. Now remakes are always a touchy area because of all this but these movies on the list prove why some are just able to be remade and have done it well. Some just are not up to par. Sorry Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

“We schedule the theaters around expected business,” said movie theater manager Jeff Cate. “I believe that it is because of the nostalgia that people come see the movie. But we just look at filling the theaters first and go from there.”

The reason for some to get green-lit and others to just fall off and die are just because of the nostalgic factor of the movie. As I mentioned the classic of a boy finding a golden ticket in a candy bar and a fun journey as he goes through the tour of the chocolate factory just should not have been touched. Everyone has their own way of seeing them but on the top charts, these four are always on the top. With an addition of an adaptation to open another discussion.

View the timeline here



Just like a story having two sides so do opinions

Videos are always better for showing the worst and pointing out the mistakes



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